Making my way

Back north! I am seriously in need of an apartment ! Now i know where my school is located (southeast dc), i can start looking in earnest. but as angela says all of the good stuff will be taken by the time i'm seriously committing. and of course i need to SEE where i will be living before i can consider committing.

i just saw mean girls. it was awesome, it was great. i loved it. i can tell mira i'm a lindsay lohan fan now.

only three more weeks of school, thank god, i'm getting so sick of the place i can't breathe!

i only hope my new school will allow me to wear skirts without pantyhose. that may seem a very trite concern, but i love skirts and i hate pantyhose. HATE. after years of imprisonment, i hate pantyhose and i will never wear it again. i will wear patterned tights--in the wintertime ONLY mwah ha ha haa


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