Ugh, I am a bad blogger

Well if anyone still reads this site, go you. I stopped posting due to the hectic and data sensitive nature of institute. It was a blast however!!! I love love loved working there, even though it was hard and sometimes made me think too hard. I feel like I'm used to breaking things down so much for kinders it's really difficult to get back into that critical thinking phase. I'm reading more feminist women's theory, but then again, school starts in two weeks and I feel this may be a momentary lapse in intellectualism. met some amazing people though. Being my usual self I'll probably have trouble keeping in touch though. ah well. lucky come, lucky go.

Again school is starting soon so get ready for some zany school stories! Like.... half our school left and now we have many new teachers...ZaNy!

I'm going to be a learning team leader this year which means I guide all the new kindergarten teachers, so so exciting for me :) and i'm taking classes to get certified (my five year renewable instead of my three year provisional which runs out this year). however these classes are twice a week, three hours a class. eep, if i stop posting you can only imagine what happened. also i'm considering travelling abroad to japan to teach with jet, if i get in. oh me oh my when will the world stop spinning for jane??