Eating eating eating my life away

Jo Ann's Fabrics has closed down on Cobb Parkway--so so so so sad. where am I supposed to go for quilt patterns now?? All the way out to lawrenceville??? That's too far!!

I got my wallet back and I was able to write a thank you card to the lady. how nice, is all I can say.

After all the wedding hustle and bustle and housecleaning and homeworking, things are getting relatively calm. I went to Agnes and Muriels with some friends Saturday and ate til I was a bloated hog. I watched 40 days and 40 nights, and in that movie Josh Hartnett (HUGE SPOILER HERE) is RAPED by his ex-girlfriend. And they act like it's no big thing. I was aghast. Applications for JET moving slooowly but surely. There is a LOT of paperwork involved.

I never got my diploma. That's all i can say. I never received it. And now it will take 4-6 weeks to get here? I hope it gets here soon! I ordered it a while ago.

And also did they cancel Boomtown? I loved that show. :(


Missing: black nylon trifold wallet

Three credit cards
one social security card
tax related receipts
dental appointment reminder
staples and borders teacher discount cards.

Last known location
Wedged under seat 18F on flight 967 US Airways, Philadelphia to Atlanta

Current mood: forlorn


I hated that stupid template

After a little bit of deliberation I realized, I really hate this new template. I only like the cat template. So it's back, and I'm not going to waste another saturday trying to tweak the other ones. I'd rather be knitting.

I've been reading too much, so much so that I'm getting headaches. And I have an assload of assignments; I was glad when I finished college, why must it pull me back??

Now I must waste time by watching RW/RR: the Gauntlet. If you don't know what it is, don't ask--you'll just laugh at me.


Chicago Visit a Success! declares Jane

Wow, I had no idea Chicago was so cool. I got there at 1, took the cta (finally I ride the El after watching it for years on ER), to the Art Institute of Chicago, then a harried trip to the north shore via bus, commuter transit, and taxi resulting in a frantic search for correct change and a cta card worth 9.40 that still resides in my back pocket today.

I saw sooo many wonderful pieces including a small and delightful collection of Klees, and Seurat's infamous sunday on La Grande Jatte. ooh and warhol's mao which is 15 feet tall-did you know that? because i certainly didn't. and hopper's nighthawks which was prominently featured on last week's dead like me ironically.

the wedding, the real reason for this trip, was a brilliant success! and i got to spend a lot of quality time with my parents, which was great. i get to see them again this week when i head home for the real wedding of the year: gnr! I'M SO EXCITED!