vma's, a broken shift key, and jhumpa lahiri

i watched the vma's yesterday and my surprise that coldplay actually won the best group video was the highpoint, the bizarro world britney/madonna/christina/missy performance was the most boggling point and beyonce's performance was the most fun point (i wish "funner" or "funnest" would just enter the lexicon once and for all so lazy people can just relax). i hate when the same five frickin videos are nominated for everything--annoying.

i was excited by the prospect of the new sorority life though-yippee! yikes, i am losing it.

my right shift key is broken; the previous exclaimation point was only entered by a wonky stretch performed by my left hand. expect to see far fewer exclaimation points. i am also neglecting to capitalize letters on the right side of the keyboard to maintain consistency.

i am eagerly awaiting the arrival of jhumpa lahiri's new novel which i preordered on amazon.com. apparently _the namesake_ lives up to the hype. I read the newsweek article on it and I am dying to get it.

i also bought plane tickets successfully on priceline. no one was more surprised than me. 130 bucks to chicago, baby. why am i going to chicago--for my cousin john's wedding of course. i'll only be in town for a two days however, then sunday morning i rush back to atlanta. still a day off and free food and a family reunion ain't half bad.


Movies I want to watch

Camp (i'm going to see this tonight)
Bend it like beckham-waiting for video, just saw bhaji on the beach again and would recommend it highly for a rental.
whale rider-about the maori tribal leader born into the body of a girl
OT: our town, about the production of the play in a compton high school
American Splendor-weird quasi documentary about comic book creator harvey pekar

In other news went to a Dean fundraiser last night at Gordon Biersch Brewery which was not half bad. They had these amazing garlic fries and good beer. Dean is coming to Atlanta Sept. 15 but unfortunately I have class that night.



IKEA | Catalog online Oh Joy! the new ikea catalogue is finally here. Unfortunately the nearest ikea is 600 miles away. Oh sadness.


I'm a Power Ranger...yuck

Power Rangers Movie!

What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
brought to you by Quizilla


RollingStone.com: Recordings: Damien Rice, O, 3 Stars-I have to remember this. I also have to remember that I want to check out the new Fountains of Wayne, whose first album I really enjoyed.


I'm obsessed with reality television

Yes, we all knew it was true, but now it's even more true. Even though Real World Paris blows the big one and Road rules is even WORSE, I'm hooked on The Restaurant and The Family. Is it strange that The Family is like some Comedy of the Grotesque to me? I enjoy Rocco on the Restaurant though...yes he's kind of smarmy but still so charming. Some of those whiny waiters have to go though.

I'm going to try to go mini golfing with some of my students. I have mostly angels (or at least kids who try to be angelic) and one demonic spawn child. yuck - o


first day blahs

So today was the first day....It was interesting. Let's start with the fact that the listening skills on these kids are nil. Story? no. Poem? maybe. simple sentences are difficult right now. Then the crying. Lots more crying this year than usual, including one who wouldn't stop for about an hour. Finally i pulled him on my lap and gave him a big hug and told him that his mom was not coming back until the end of school and wouldn't it be better to play than cry? He actually stopped--it was a minor miracle. Because if he hadn't I would have called his mom and told her to come get him. But the crying doesn't stop there, oh no, many other children cried; one of the fifth grade teachers has a child in my class, and he was MR. WHINY. I can't do it, I can't eat it, I don't want to. Ugh, I just wanted to be like, chill out already! I think the only saving grace is realizing the struggle is the journey--a popular phrase from this summer. I vaguely remember feeling this way last year, and that class was wonderful...Is it too much to wish for two wonderful classes? I'll tell you one thing, there are no geniuses in this bunch :P

oh, and what kind of a name is "essence". In the litany of "invented" names, that one takes the cake. I also have a "ZyDerryo." Which actually quite pleasantly rolls off the tongue.



I finally used a gallery program to catalogue the pictures from institute this summer. More pictures of other things will follow. You can find the pictures here!



I guess the site is due for an overhaul, but time is not my friend. I have loads and loads of pictures from the summer but no time to upload them. School starts Monday and I am pretty nervous though still excited.
Chris' parents are in for a visit this week, so I anticipate a lot of eating out. Must go shopping, must get manicure. These are girl prep strategies for survival.

In terms of moving to japan, try Why Japan Sucks, a raving rant from someone who appears to be an ultra left wing feminist who is teaching english in japan. i think i should email this person for more information before going to japan!


Happy Birthday to ME

Yay! I'm now 24--on the cusp of twenty-fiveness...yikes! Chris made me breakfast, and presented me with two dozen beautiful red roses. Quite a nice surprise! I also got Seabiscuit, which we just saw Friday and which I loved; and a yoga mat and dvd so now i have no excuses not to work out :) I'm very excited because tonight we get to go out to my favorite restaurant-Iris. yum yum!