Tremendous News

Wilson Phillips is back!

They said it couldn't be done...But it's happpened!!

In other news, I finished Audrey Niffenegger's The Time Traveler's Wife, and I thought it was quite interesting and very entertaining. If you are thinking about reading it, it's out in paperback now! The ending is very very sad and it's all put together nicely.

Apartment search DC is not going quite as well as I had hoped. I'll just keep trying. If you know a place in capitol hill or columbia heights that has enough space for two people, and that isn't over a gazillion dollars, please let me know :)



I have a little boy in my class that has rickets. He is really bowlegged and really short. Get your vitamin D people! Also another reason that people should get out in the sun more and that kids should have recess! and well lit classrooms!

There is a link on the title, but it's really hard to discern. If you want to read the article :


Boo Lenny

Lenny on Law and Order (best show ever) is leaving! and being replaced by -- whaaa? Dennis Farina? Best known for playing mob bosses and other smart alecky but wise criminals, he is a poor poor choice indeed.


Also, have you ever seen that Futurama where Fry eats the gas station egg salad sandwich and little worms take over his body and make it smarter? I wish I could have that kind of luck when I eat gas station egg salad sandwich.


Salzburg Cookies

They taste so good...like the yummy burnt sugar bits of creme brulee. Also, annoying--Pepperidge Farm cookies do not have their own website. WTF. They deserve their own website. This one website I found describes these cookies as containing genetically engineered ingredients. Ew. Looking at the list I see that basically everything I eat has been genetically engineered or modified. YUUUUUUMMMMY.

I have started watching the Gilmore Girls....I actually like it. I don't know how to feel about that.


Making my way

Back north! I am seriously in need of an apartment ! Now i know where my school is located (southeast dc), i can start looking in earnest. but as angela says all of the good stuff will be taken by the time i'm seriously committing. and of course i need to SEE where i will be living before i can consider committing.

i just saw mean girls. it was awesome, it was great. i loved it. i can tell mira i'm a lindsay lohan fan now.

only three more weeks of school, thank god, i'm getting so sick of the place i can't breathe!

i only hope my new school will allow me to wear skirts without pantyhose. that may seem a very trite concern, but i love skirts and i hate pantyhose. HATE. after years of imprisonment, i hate pantyhose and i will never wear it again. i will wear patterned tights--in the wintertime ONLY mwah ha ha haa