Thoroughly Whomped

So renewed love for Canasta suddenly turns into remembered disgust when I lose utterly and completely to Angela last night while watching the convention. Love canasta, which is a version of rummy that can create major point stress.  Lots of melds and draws and bonuses for red 3's that aren't usually included in solitaire, for example.

I'm also missing the Lion King on broadway, which is what Chris is doing right now. He and his brother and some friends went up to New York to do some sightseeing this weekend. I was too pooped from a recent workshop I attended to tag along.

Tonight Angela came over and we made coconut shrimp and Annie Chun's noodles; then off to the mall!  We scoured the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, where a pair of hip new shoes and the best natural skincare products were purchased; Benetton having a fabulous 50% off sale; and Sephora!    Don't you like how I added all those great links? It's like follow jane around the mall!

We went to DC Coast this past week. Let me tell you something. If you ever go to DC Coast, have the lobster bisque. Just have it. No no, don't question the lobster bisque. Just trust me.


best snack ever?

My best snack ever has to be Natural Cheetos. I've been seeing them in the snack food aisle for a while, but always thought, "eh, it couldn't be that good." But I was dead wrong, they are the best snack I have ever eaten. 
In wedding news, yes, there actually is some, just because I've been sitting here watching episode after episode of the Gilmore Girls, doesn't mean that I haven't been doing SOMEthing productive this summer, we have decided to get married in Hawaii. This conversation snippet should shed some light:
J: "So I made the appointment to view possible reception sites; I'm also going to go dress shopping next week. I've been looking around for somewhere to have a ceremony too if we are going to try to find a separate place for that;  are you sure you want to have the wedding in Frederick? "
C: "um."
J: "We can do it in a restaurant in DC, if we do that we can cut out the DJ, the dance floor, the reception site rental."
C: "um."
J: "OK. Why don't you just tell me flat out what kind of wedding you want, where you want it, how many people you want to come."
C: "I want to get married in Hawaii."
J: "um."



One passport.

Two trips to Europe.

One sanity.