Amnesty at the Library

Hallelujah I have to say, I needed that. My local atlanta fulton county library gave me amnesty on the $11+ fines I had accumulated. I love them. Thank you!

So what am I reading?

Voyager, book 3 of the Outlander series (it's historical fiction)
The Devil's Larder, Jim Crace --he wrote Being Dead--(short stories about "food, sex, desire and death")


Happy Birthday

Happy birthday Chris, my lovely lovely love!



I ate at Iris last night for dining out for life, where 10% of your tab goes to project open hand. The organization provides healthy meals to people living with HIV/AIDS. But my duck was absolutely nightmarish! It tasted...not like i expected? but our waiter was sooo nice and he took it off the tab. That was redeeming.

New Sarah album is finally out! I'm still getting used to it.

I will be home briefly for Thanksgiving and I'm looking forward to that; I think I'm just looking for a break in general. This semester is rough going what with the schoolwork and all. It's not all that hard, it's just annoying. I think the worst is the classes, which I feel are very little value. VERY LITTLE.


Life planning

Planning my life is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. I now I have a timeline that says where Jane will be and what Jane will be doing for the next ten years. It's not depressing though I bet for some people it would be, but not for Jane-haha-but rather, I wonder how accurate it is. I joined upromise, which takes little bits of money from things you buy and puts it into a mini savings account which you can then roll over into a 529 plan (which is a tax free investment plan from which you can pay for college). This is for all my little unborn children.

I like to plan things
I like to be organized
I want to take all the furniture out of my apartment and put it all back in in a more organized way.
I wish my boyfriend could throw more things away.
I wish container store would re-do my apartment.
I wish my apartment was bigger than 700 sq.feet and less expensive too, while we're at the wishing stage of this rant.

I wish there was such a thing as a transporter so I could see my friends whenever I wanted to.

In more interesting news (really, i swear), I watched 28 days later, which is a fucking awesome movie, and I loved it. I watched it again (some parts anyway) with the commentary on.

Anyway, someone told me that friendster was going to start charging--is this true? I only just started using it. ALSO if you will please, email me your address and vitals if I don't have it. Card giving season is coming up soon. I am bound and determined to be on top of it this year. I already bought Holiday Stamps. And if you think THAT's crazy, then, take a look at this.