So I'm thinking of getting a new computer, and it's making my head hurt. Current money situation=not good. Loads of money dropped on recent New York disaster trip. Still have to go to dentist RE: ground down tooth that requires root canal due to bruxhism. Have to go to eye doctor. Have to go to "ladies" doctor. Have zero insurance (i know i'm a walking accident waiting to happen). And now I need a new computer because the one we have is a piece of shit and the school's computer is, apparently, on its last legs. Plus we have to find a new apartment because the place we have now is falling down around us. In addition to the constant ant problem, for whatever reason our bathroom tiles are falling off and the shower curtain rod just randomly fell off. Though these problems are currently resolved, I think it warrants mention that I'm apprehensive about renewing a lease.

In a Ms. SAT (stinky awful teacher) update: one of her students was transfered to my class after one of the students in her class BIT her. I requested her portfolio which should have included 1) student work and 2) an updated GKAP assessment. Which of course it did not. How can a portfolio, which is an accumulation of student work over the school year, contain ZERO student work? And how can the GKAP, which we have just finished the second round of, be almost completely empty?

Students who enter kindergarten in GA are tested individually during three windows, beginning middle and end of the year. We just tested for the middle, which included items like sorting shapes, blending sounds etc. When I confronted Ms. SAT she said, I didn't know. Even though she had come into my class in the middle of the day last month (as usual!) and asked me what those numbers on the assessment guideline meant. And even though I told her that meant those were the items to test. So now NONE of her kids have been tested. I think the sad thing is, those tests are meant to help you understand what you need to re-teach or emphasize in terms of skills. And even if she had tested, she wouldn't use those tests for that information. In a way I don't want to go to the principal because she's probably already fired, due to her poor overall performance. But in another way I feel like I need to bust her ass for being so stinky (both literally and figuratively.) I can understand why people feel sorry for her, and why she feels sorry for herself. She's fighting an uphill battle in an already difficult field. But damn it, there are children's futures at stake!


I bid you, shut up!

...if you're talking about the war that is. This reference is "borrowed" from another blog who recommends this article:

Do Keller, or any of the members of his "club," really believe that anything they write registers with the Bush administration? Is Donald Rumsfeld feeling more secure now that Slate is on board? Was Dick Cheney sitting around waiting for Lance Morrow's reluctant approval? In what world are these writers living? This is not a second-year honors seminar at the Kennedy School of Government. This is war, motherfucker!

Great Bylined Thinkers of America, I bid you: Shut up!

What's refreshing is that it's not pro- or anti-war, but rather, anti bad writing. It's good to have high standards.


As i'm not doing much, I thought i would write a bit on what i am am filling up my time with! No more reality tv for me, thanks, just some good old fashioned reading.

Glen reminded me of what a great writer Thomas Friedman was, so I picked up The Lexus and the Olive Tree from the library.

I'm working on E. Annie Proulx's The Shipping News which was a wonderful movie and now is turning out to be an excellent novel; as well as Family Matters by Rohinton Mistry. The same author wrote A Fine Balance, one of my favorites of all time, and though his writing is often sad it's always compelling.

I always want to re-read certain books, but I think my next choice will be Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri. I don't know what all this writing about India is about, something about the language of these two writers, maybe the more formal yet still sensual or rhythmic stylings appeal to me more than most American authors--example the whole choke incident. I can't take a book that features an enema in its climax seriously. Maybe I just like stories that make me feel sad, because i'm usually so cheery? I was on the hold list for the hours, but was mysteriously booted off.

My favorite children's book recently: David Goes to School. Just look at the pictures and you'll see why.

Weather has been beautiful here, took a long walk on Sunday that included lunch at Harry's. They had the best Tom Kha soup, I was pleasantly surprised.



ooh i had such an awesome day today. i did awesome on my observation, the bane of all teachers; and i finished my portfolio and my principal said, I love it! that made me feel so good, considering how crap i felt the same time last year. i'm excited that teaching is going well for me, and all my hard work is finally paying off.

Teach for America conference this weekend, including happy hour tonight. i don't know any of the people coming in but i might as well go and see what that's like.

So i ended up getting an interview for Houston, not new york, which makes me kind of sad because after my visit, strange and troublesome as it was, i fell in love with the city all over again. i was definitely looking forward to being able to spend a few (paid) weeks there. but alas, it was not to be, and i may be stuck in the mires of houston again. how i hate that place!! so why do i go, you ask? because i want to help our corps be the best teachers they can be!



a jerk Aaron is. He is a complete liar!!! I also stayed tuned for about twenty seconds of Are you HOT? and that ended when I was actually judging whether people were hot or not. I said to myself, this is too disgusting, even for you jane. So i just walked away. You can do it America! just walk away!

New York as told by ME

Here's the photojournal. Enjoy!


Trista is a ho

I'm sorry but is anyone else disappointed with Trista's total cop-out? She didn't choose Charlie who was totally the right person for her, and instead chose Ryan, the puss in firefighting boots.Chris got really mad when I said that Ryan was a loser, because he relates to Ryan, and says that I would have chosen Charlie and that made me a bad person. Charlie is hot. Case closed.

Also, what is UP with the whole Helene/Aaron thing? They didn't just split up, that is major drama!! I feel sad that I'm so addicted to their pathetic little story. I bet Brooke's patting herself on the back now.

On the New york visit front, I am putting a link to the photo-documentary of our trip. I put the camera to good use, taking over a hundred pictures of the various things we did around town. Oh and also, while I have no pictures of this, H & M, greatest store ever.


zora zora zora

I'm still stuck in new york and i just watched the finale to joe millionaire with a lot of damned dirty hippies who are also staying at this hostel. I was totally surprised when he chose zora--and i was even more surprised when zora was like, I really like you. She really likes him? He's not that likable. Weren't you surprised that she didn't have heat? I was.

More when I finally return to atlanta.


new york new york

It's a hell of a town, the bronx is up and the snow is down. and down. and down. eta: tomorrow evening... probably delay: 1-2 days??? I hope not! I have many many pictures to share when I return...whenever that is!


i'm so super duper

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Traffic and Breakfast

This weekend told me a lot about Atlanta, namely that if an event is happening in Atlanta, get toilet paper, bread, and bottles of water because you're going to want to stay in during that time. After our attempted drive to buckhead friday evening, and the closing of the big lennox mall in buckhead (several malls around town actuallY), for some reason I thought Sunday would be a GREAT day to go to the mall. The drive up was annoying because people in huuge Cadillac Escalades and Hummer limos kept stopping to either buy/sell things out of their cars or from the side of the street. Or to yell at women for their numbers. After sitting in traffic for an hour, cursing myself, chris said, we'll get there and when we do we won't leave until it closes. Two stores later, and the doors are closing; I ask, 'are you closing already?' The nice salesperson tells me, 'yes, we're closing early. i would leave the mall if i were you.' Explanation: Two fights, a couple strippers and some fireworks have caused a mad dash for the doors, and the ensuing mayhem has required the mall to close approximately thirty minutes after our arrival. I didn't even have a chance to buy anything. I did see the SWAT team in the mall though.

Also, strangely, while the mall WAS packed with people, the stores were virtually empty. People were just leaning against walls staring at other people staring at them. I wish I had my digital camera!

8 1/2 x 11 was an excellent festival, some notable plays were actually dance numbers, one was completely set to the music of the clash, one was a strange rip off of Waiting for Godot, one was a story about a pedophile.

Best part of my weekend: cheesy omelet at Thumb's Up
Worst part of my weekend: I think you know.


Roccocco?? I hate roccocco.

which art movement are you?

this quiz was made by Caitlin

this test is bullshit. I never should have said i associated myself with a poodle--but i do! The girl who made the quiz has this hilarious website--she's only 18 years old. What was I doing when i was 18? too embarassing to consider! Fill out her survey, she asks you to write haikus and a poem about a historical figure.

My haiku:
largely functioning
i watch unmoved by events
gripping a large stick

My poem:
henry v
i wish he was my boyfriend
i always wanted to date an action star

I like surveys.

ANGRY jane

Damned NBA All-star game bringing in traffic from all over the goddamned place making a fifteen minute drive to Buckhead an hour and fifteen minute commute from hell!! We were over an hour early to get to How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and we were stuck in traffic the whole time, forcing us to turn around. We ate good Thai food instead and rented The Good Girl, which I must watch so as not to accrue further late charges on my Blockbuster card. Both Sweet Home Alabama AND Igby Goes Down were out, which makes you wonder why there are a hundred copies of freaking Master of Disguise (Dana carvey movie where he's dressed as a turtle? Yes, that is so clever. ha ha ha, that's why all of two copies were rented), and only ten copies of movies people actually want to see. So i hate you Blockbuster and NB Allstar traffic.

Only in Atlanta would you see a Hummer driving out of a strip club with three TV's inside and 19 inch rims.

Working hard for the money

I'm so excited for this weekend, i'm going to see 8 1/2 x 11, a short play festival at Dad's Garage, a comedy theater. I'm also torn between wanting to see How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days or that new Shanghai Noon movie. Chris realllly (in a guy way) wants to watch it, whereas all I can think about is when we had to sit through The Tuxedo. i stayed hoping it would get better, but I now wish I had walked out after the first thirty minutes. I still haven't seen The Hours, it's a travesty, I know!

in Ms. SAT (stinky ass teacher) news, it turns out a library book I had been missing for over two months has been in her possession all along. AND another book that is considered LOST by the library, resulting in a $17 fine, is probably also in her possession. If I don't get that book back, I am going to scream bloody murder. Apparently she has been sneaking into our rooms to use valuable and rare supplies, such as rubber cement and construction paper. It is impossible to work with a person who sinks so low as to steal office supplies on the fly.

In CRAZY chaperone parent news, she confronted me on Wednesday morning, asking me why her oh-so-not-perfect daughter who was recently chastized for hitting other kids was given a "needs improvement" rating on her progress report. The oh-so-not-perfect Parent went on to tell me I was a control freak and that my kids could not have fun on the field trip because of that. But I, I would not sink to such a level, NO, I am proud to say, I spoke to her calmly and rationally, cutting her down to size with good sense. But she is still a crazy awful person that I have to deal with all the time.

And the Biggest News is Feb. 15-17 I will be off to new york city after what seems like forever of not having a trip (and drives to maryland do not count!). Now I can explore somewhere (almost) new, and have fun with my friends while doing it. As I told Kathryn the only word I can say is "yay!"


Man, it is so sad when the glory of your life would be to just see your blog's name on recently published blogs. Like i said, today was a full day--I'm going to have to get up earlier on the weekend. We got to Thumb's up at 11 am, which is just about the time everyone else in atlanta arrived, so we waited an hour there. Luckily we got seats inside. Total time for breakfast: 30 minutes--it was worth it, I got the Greek Scramble and Chris got Eggs of Paradise, which was eggs with some tomato saucey stuff under it. Then we went to the High, where Chris did not realize we would need tickets; ahh, the heady days of free museum admission are over, at least outside DC they are. Here is one interesting piece of art Chris enjoyed very much.

It was 70 degrees in Atlanta today, it was just totally beautiful!! We actually went outside! Piedmont Park is where everyone goes on the weekend, especially on good weather. We live right next door to Piedmont Park, and the parking is terrible anywhere near the park, and people even park inside our apartment complex. Today was the first day we took advantage of living so close to the park and took a very nice walk. There are lots of dogs in the park, big dogs, little dogs. I want a little tiny dog, but Chris wants a huge ass man dog. We'll see who wins this battle! Either way it's hard enough to take care of our crazy cat.

Friday we went to see the dinosaurs at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. It was a great trip except for one thing: the chaperone from hell!! Among her many faults: Blaming her daughter's partner for not being able to walk with her, and grabbing her hand away. Ignoring the rest of the group and walking with her daughter only. Disappearance at lunch time while other chaperones were helping students eat. Arguing with me about whether it is appropriate to allow eating on the bus, then giving her daughter left over chips anyway (and where did these chips come from? i told all the kids to throw their left overs away!!). I walked out with 14 over excited, but tired and happy kids, and one huge migraine. One thing is for sure, my tolerance level for bullshit has risen to a new level.

I have totally loved Sam Rockwell since I saw him in Charlie's Angels and Heist; I was kind of in awe because I couldn't believe this was the same geeky guy from that movie with Tim Allen, Galaxy Quest. Speaking of Heist, if you haven't seen it, please do, it's one cool caper movie. Sam Rockwell is a chameleon, sometimes looking like Tom Cruise, sometimes like Christian Bale, sometimes just like himself, but I saw him yesterday in Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, and I think we all have to agree that he did an amazing job. So add him to my list of favorite actors: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Tobey Maguire, and I don't know who else. My mind is not awake right now.

Plans for today: Breakfast at thumbs up and the high museum.