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NPR : Atlanta Public Schools Shrink as City Grows

NPR : Atlanta Public Schools Shrink as City Grows :

Here's an interesting article on the state of our school system. It kind of makes you think all the bullshit hoops you run through are a way of weeding out teachers or something. Sadly we lost a staff member today; someone who actually contributed a lot to the school. I think he got tired of all the bullshit and just decided to leave.


Pinkeye Redux

I woke up this morning with a familiar stingy feeling in my eyes--i have pinkeye. Another day missed from work, another desperate search for a doctor. Just terrible.


Crike-long time no post

Yet another look for jane's blog, still girly enough though I suppose.

Hmm in the recent past I have come down with a mysterious women's illness that has forced me to go to the doctor for the first time in who knows how long. I even had to miss work. It may have something to do with running myself ragged, but there's no choice to slow down unfortunately. I'm working, I'm doing something for TFA that involves a massive project once a month, and i'm now taking classes twice a week. Unfortunately the classes so far are terribly not helpful. THankfully wonderful chris has come to my rescue and really made life easier by being just generally wonderful. So thank you chris :*

School is better and worse--the kids are better; the administration is worse. They told us that we could no longer post work on the bulletin boards (in the hallways at least) that is "below par"--i.e. if the kindergarteners write their names, their letters must be perfectly formed. If they are drawing pictures of dogs, then they must be absolutely beautiful well proportioned dogs. This is "quality work" they said, and it must be posted now. Hmm, they realize this is kindergarten, do they not? They realize this is why children come to school, do they not?? anyway, this and a lack of caffeine led to massive headache yesterday from which I had to go to bed at 9:30 to recover.

Atlanta is quickly losing its vapid charm for me. I have exhausted the "diversity" of restaurants it has to offer, there is no DECENT shopping for hundreds of miles, I hate nature, and that's the only damned thing this city has in excess. No culture, no interesting people, just dismal cloying small minded small thinking small caring people. Yuck-o is all i can say. and thank goodness it's only a few more months until we can leeave!