looking into other people's windows

buddyzoo.com . which brings us to note if i do not have your AOL screen name, please pass it on, i'll definitely talk to you more than if i do not have it--maybe.



Badly Drawn Boy-hour of the bewilderbeast
Colday-rush of blood to the head...over and over and over again
Rufus Wainwright-cigarettes and chocolate
Pete Yorn-Day I Forgot--i'm going to see him May16.

Inman Park Parade yesterday-my first "parade" perse, it was quite entertaining. highlights include the "Anna Nicole Smith" homage, complete with large brassy blonde with exposed bra waving to crowd and the "Nile Style" float, a cardboard Sphinx attended by strange and glittery Egyptian stereotypes. Everyone was pelting candy.


boring life

oh this boring life Here at the dying end of the day I wasn't made for this scene baby !

because my life is so boring, here's a recipe for spicy fish soup that will spice things up! I replace canned jelapenos for the canned chilies and it really has a kick!


Sooo sleepy

For the past two days when I got home I fell asleep. It was the groggy afternoon nap kind of sleep and I only felt groggier after it. Damn you time change i blame you.

I bought two mice for my classroom--a little brown one that is friendly and a little white one with black spots that bit me. The little white one keeps getting out of the cage so I haven't brought them to school yet until I can figure out what the situation is.

I watched the final episode of Married By America. I haven't watched any previous episodes, which must have been tedious, will they or won't they, who cares until the last episode??? It was sad, both couples ended up not going through with it--tres humiliating for the other person involved. Both of the contestants were girls, the former a princess type who had posed in playboy and whose father was a complete whack job and who of course ended up changing her mind at the last minute; and the latter a blonde bartender who was actually quite sweet. Her name was Billie Jean. She was like i love love love you Tony. And tony was like, yeah, that's great...i don't love you! But let me get up to the altar and wait for you to declare that you will in fact go through with this and then reject and humiliate you in front of all of your friends and family. She left crying hysterically while her friends yelled about what a loser and asshole he was. Chris thought: I don't think he should have gone through with it, this show is crazy! Jane thinks: He's a jerk for doing that to her, the least he could have done was do it before they got up there; the most was take a chance and do it, what the hell was he on the show to do anyway??? I am of the mind however that if you want to make it work, it will, but if you don't then it won't no matter how you feel about the person. Part of the reason I felt this way was because though he did not love her at the time, he noted he was well on his way to being in love with her. He's a chickenshit jerk head who, like most cultural Americans, can't commit to diddly squat.


Dogwood Festival

Now that I feel all better, we spent this weekend eating eating eating. We ate at Cowtippers, which is a very gay friendly steak and potato place up the street from our house. Damn good steak. Then yesterday we ate at Hae Woon Dae, which i've mentioned before. It's chris' favorite restaurant in atlanta, and one of mine too. I felt very homesick for DC so I had to get me some good Korean food. I love that they serve lots of banchan, the many little side dishes Koreans eat to round out the meal. I never went to a lot of Korean restaurants in DC but it's hard to imagine one that serves better food than Hae Woon Dae. And this morning Thumbs Up Diner, yummy yummy.

Thanks to the gooorgeous weather we went to the Dogwood Festival at Piedmont Park. There were lots of artists booths, music stages and food being sold out of trucks of course, but they also had a Frisbee catching contest for dogs which we stopped to watch. It was very fun and very crowded. And now back to school.


Why have you failed me, Atlanta weather???

So rather than relaxing this spring break, this one week of rest before six non-stop weeks of teaching, I

1) am sick with a nasty cough
2) ripped my last toric contact lens so I had to go to the eye doctor rather than the dentist
3) am wearing layers of sweaters it is so fricking cold here.

However I can not complain, some things that have made my spring break good include reading Life of Pi by Yann Martel, which if you haven't heard of this book then you must not be a reader! It's all the buzz, for good reason, it was very good, very entertaining. I think I should have read it twice, but oh well. If you've read it please let me know what you think.

And last night we went to team trivia at Mellow Mushroom. It was a lot of fun, BUT, I just want to publicly apologize for Alex for not believing when he said, Bagdhad is further east than Moscow. He's been to Moscow, so...he would probably know. Anyway, we were in first place the whole game until the fateful question: Put these cities in order from east to west..and the answer was Bagdhad, Moscow, Istanbul and Belgrade.

Geography is el stinko.

Rick got a miniature dachshund..I am obsessed with miniature dogs..I want one !!!! His is named Beatrice and her back was broken, is that not the saddest thing in the world? They told her she would never walk again but she proved them wrong! And that's that.


mulholland drive

is so fucked up. My head is reeling a little bit from watching it. Then I cheated and read this article on salon.com that helped clear a few questions up. i do have to say i now know what all the fuss about naomi watts is about. she was pretty fucking amazing.

it is spring break for me and on the roster:

1-a root canal (yay! yippee!)
3-planning for school!

these are all very relaxing i know. i think the one thing i'm definitely going to do is see all those movies chris does not want to see, the hours, the pianist, talk to her, and spider. no one will see these movies with me. oh well. no one said artsy fartsiness would make you popular.