I Blog Therefore I AM

This is the last blog for a while, as I am shutting off cable and internet. I won't be reviving it until after I get back from my trip to EUROPE which will be in a few weeks.

So in the meantime, I will be:

Moving 634.3 miles away from Atlanta to DC

Going to London, Edinburgh and Paris

Painting my bedroom "Peacock Blue"

Getting a new cell phone! < I still need advice on a good service...

Planning my wedding < I've decided on colors, now I just need a reception space...


Still very Excited

Is it strange that I love cleaning out my yahoo mailbox. Can you believe that I am only using 37% of the ten megs allotted? Down from 73??? Am I the only one that's excited about this? Well, here are some other things that I am excited about:

1. Starting at my new school!
2. Actually going to happy hour at a bar I can walk to from my brand new apartment!
3. Hardwood floors!
4. Paying off credit card debt!
5. Going to Europe!

Things I am not excited about:
1. Increasing credit card debt while in Europe!
2. Twelve hour drive in a moving van!
3. Packing up all my stuff!
4. Being cut off from cable and high speed internet for over three weeks! (GAH)

Also incredibly excited about my friend Kara's wedding, which I attended yesterday. It was soo beautiful and she was a lovely lovely bride. We couldn't stay long enough!! That I was not excited about :( We are in the middle of a packign crisis.


Apartment Search Complete

After days of driving all over DC, we did it, we did it! We found an apartment that we loved. We're going to be right by Eastern Market, only half a mile from my new school! I'm so excited, you have no idea. The apartment is comparable to what we have now, but it has these great hardwood floors, and beautiful big windows and the all important washer and dryer. Hopefully the cats will adjust.